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Life is a Beautiful Storm


“We are the sum of the choices that we make.”


I spend a lot of time growing the people that work for me. I am lucky enough to be in a position that allows me to touch people’s lives and help them become who they want to become, whilst bringing added value to the company we all work for.

Sometimes I have to divert my eyes whilst holding my breath, watching someone head for disaster as they refuse to be helped. Other times I find diamonds in the rough, waiting to soak up the knowledge and experience which surrounds them, forging a path for growth.

What I am trying to say is the following: do not get lost in your own misplaced egoistical white noise. Asking or using help is nothing to be ashamed of, in the contrary it shows that you would do anything to achieve what you want. We only grow stronger by making smart decisions.

I won’t sit here and pretend that I have all the answers or that I have always made the right decisions, however I do believe that even though I sometimes entered paths that were too thorny for me, I managed to find my way forward thanks to having surrounded myself with people who want to see me succeed as much as I want to. You are only as strong as the team you are a part of.


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Upcoming Projects

Let’s face it; I haven’t produced anything significant in a very long time. No more writing. No more photography. Everything stopped cold when I started working for the current evil empire where I am employed. It’s been 4 long years and I feel like I’m rusty. Rusty and old.

Though let’s be fair, I was busy growing. The amount of growing up I did in the last four years is astounding but that is a subject for another post.

I have two projects that are close to my heart right now;

  1. Portrait Work; I haven’t taken portraits in a very long time. Now I’ve dabbled in taking photos with my phone but obviously that does not count. I have very expensive gear but nothing to show for it. I want to carry that gear to Turkey in summer and get some work done. I’ve already started to draft out project ideas and story boards.
  2. I’ve always forced myself to see the good in situations and people. Currently there are events happening in the world that are unfathomable, unspeakable, unacceptable and incomprehensible. However there are every day people that accomplish feats of colossal magnitude. I registered a new domain name and I intend on writing about those people there. I want it to become a tribute website to every day heroes. I want it to be my positive haven.

These are currently the two things I want to concentrate the most on.. and also my whole30. I’m actually quite excited about this. I do have a third project in mind but that takes a lot more work than the previous two.. I’m going to start looking into building a non-profit. More on that soon.




In the absence of affection we’ll take anything and call it love.

Life is a Beautiful Storm

I can never really decide what I want to write about first when I open up a new blog. 

Do you know that nagging feeling of searching for some place where you belong? I always have that when searching for a new home on the internet.

Should I share with my friends? Should I stay anonymous? Should I write about the political state of my country and possibly go to jail? Should I write about loves lost and then delete those posts months down, ashamed of what I used to feel?

I think I love my new mantra; Life is a beautiful storm.

It sums up everything that I am so well. It is also quite fitting that my favorite artist, Florence and the Machine, has come out with a song called “Ship to Wreck”.

I get so engrossed, so intertwined with work that I completely forget to be me. I forget all about me and I end up becoming a robot that I don’t recognize. Time swiftly passes by, with the robot living my life, and I am waiting to be remembered, to be able to come out from the box I lock myself in.

Writing, photography, surrounding myself with music, all of these things are things that I do. All of these things are what makes me; me. This is my own little reality check. I don’t want to wake up 10 years down the line, a head full of white hair and having made bucket loads of money for other people and nothing to show for it. 

Welcome to my beautiful storm.

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